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C/O Bihar State Ex-Servicemen Cooperative Development Corporation Ltd
Contact No:  0612-3212721
Om Prakash Ray Chairman
Akhilesh Kr. Dubey Secretary
  • This Society shall be called the "The Bihar State Exservicemen Cooperative Development Corporation Limited" ( Here in after referred to as the Corporation ). Its Register Under the Bihar Cooperative Societies Act  - 1935. Its registered office shall be at Shekhpura More, Bailey Road, Patna , in the event of any change in the registered address, notice of such change shall be intimated to the Registrar Co-operative Societies, Bihar, Bihar Co-operative Fedration Ltd., Patna.

  • The Area of operation of the Corporation shall be the whole of Bihar.

  • Legal


  • To Plan.Promote, Undertake and assist programmes of agricultural development, animal husbandry, marketing, proccessing, supply and storage of agricultural products. Small scale industry, trade bussiness or any other activity which will enable its member to earn a better living and help them to improve their standards of living

  • To undertake a massive programme of employment oriented Agro-Industries, Cottage and small scale industries, Village Industries etc. by providing technical know how managerial assistance, finnancial assistance, and any other form of assistance, which may be required in achieving the above objectives, providing the necessary financial guarantee to its members.

  • To organise, supervise, assist, provide technical guidance and to develop the business of District Ex-servicemen Co-operative Societies, Industrial Co-operative institutions functioning for the benefit of Ex-servicemen and to co-operative and consolidate their activities.

  • To enter into all kinds of contracts and transactions relating to industrial produce of industrial Co-operative with a view to the gradual elimination of middlemen and thus ensure fair wages and there's in profit to the Ex-Servicemen workers.

  • To raise and arrange loans and accept deposits.

  • To arrange for and provide such credits as may be required for the affiliated Societies by advancing loans, cash and margin money .

  • To acquired and hold share in Co-operative Institution.

  • To provide facilities for training to the members of the Co-operative Organization and to grant such facilities scholarships and awards for research or other purposees as would directly or indirectly help the Co-operative movment among Ex-Serviceman people in general.

  • To undertake development work relating to Ex-servicemen including construction works such as construction of houses , hostel buildings, residential schools building etc for their dependent wards and old age home.

  • To act as the agent of the Government for procurment, supply and distribution of agricultural or other produce or other goods as and when required to do so.

  • To coordinate, supervise and control the activities of the affiliated societies.

  • To provide facilities for survey, research or study of the problems relating to cottage and village industries small scale industries and scope of their development with a view to promote such industries and business for the propose of providing employment to the member of the Ex-servicemen their widows and their dependent.

  • To arrange for publicity and marketing of the finished products manufactured by the members in village industries, If necessary by opening showrooms, emporium, exhibitions etc. to promote the marketing of the products of Ex-servicemen & their dependents.

  • To invest or deposite surplus funds of the Cooperation in Government Securities or in Co-operative Bank or in other banks as decided by the board.

  • To issue bounds and debenture for raising resources for fullfilling any of the objects of the Cooperation.

  • Generally to purchase , take on lease or exchange hire or otherwise acuire any real and personal property and any rights privilages which the Corporation may think necessary or convenient for the purpose of its business and in particular any land, buildings, machinery, Plants and stock in trade.

  • To recieve grants , gifts, donations, loans, advances other money in deposites, or otherwise from the Bihar Government or the Government of India, any financing Bank as defined under the act or Co-Operative or Commercial Banks, Life Insurance Corporation of India, Companies, Trust or Indivisual, with or without interest thereon in pursuance of the above object.

  • Generally to undertake such other business and do such other things as are incidental and conductive to the promotion and attainment of the above objects for the welfare of Ex-Servicemen and their dependents.